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Transparency is vital to the Scrum process, as it allows everyone to see and understand what is really happening in each sprint, achieving a bigger and better communication and trust on the team and in this methodology. This Article shows you how to do it. ( 透明性对于Scrum过程至关重要,因为它允许每个人看到和理解每个Sprint中实际发生的事情,从而在团队和这种方法中实现更大、更好的沟通和信任。这篇文章向您展示了如何做到这一点。)

Scrum: 经验过程控制vs定义过程控制

In empirical process control, you expect the unexpected. With defined process control, every piece of work is understood. In Scrum, an empirical process is implemented where progress is based on observation and experimentation instead of detailed, upfront planning and defined processes. (在经验过程控制中,你期待着意想不到的结果。通过定义的过程控制,可以理解每一件工作。在Scrum中,实现了一个经验过程,其中进度是基于观察和实验,而不是详细的预先规划和定义的过程。)


Three friends refer to the main perspective of testing and inspecting increments in business, during and after development. They review each story in informal start-up meetings to provide a shared vision of what will be delivered and help ensure that it is the voice of the team, not a single opinion. (三个朋友指的是在业务、开发期间和开发之后测试检查工作增量的主要视角,例如,业务分析师、开发人员、测试人员在非正式的启动会议中回顾每个故事,以对将要交付的内容给出一个共同的共享愿景,并帮助确保它是团队的声音,而不是单一的意见。)


Agile is the software development methodology that focuses on customer satisfaction by delivery shippable software frequently. Scrum is one of the many approaches to implement Agile. Scrum is suitable for certain type of projects where there are rapidly changing requirements. (敏捷是一种软件开发方法,它通过频繁交付可交付的软件来关注客户满意度。Scrum是实现敏捷的众多方法之一。Scrum适用于需求变化迅速的特定类型的项目。)


Velocity in Scrum is a measure of the amount of work a Team can tackle during a single Sprint and is the key metric in Scrum. Velocity is calculated at the end of the Sprint by totaling the Points for all fully completed User Stories. (速度是一个团队在一次冲刺中可以完成的工作量的度量,也是Scrum中的关键度量标准。在冲刺结束时,通过对所有完全完成的用户故事的点进行合计来计算速度。)


Scrum is a framework within which people can address complex adaptive problems, while productively and creatively delivering products of the highest possible value. Whilst it is lightweight and simple to understand it is difficult to implement and hard to master. This article tell you why?(Scrum是一个框架,人们可以在其中解决复杂的适应性问题,同时富有成效和创造性地交付具有最高价值的产品。虽然它是轻量级的,易于理解,但很难实现,也很难掌握。这篇文章告诉你为什么?)

传统项目管理 vs 敏捷项目管理

Traditional project management emphasizes on conducting detailed upfront planning for the project with emphasis on fixing the scope, cost and schedule - and managing those parameters. Whereas, Scrum encourages data-based, iterative decision making in which the primary focus is on delivering products that satisfy customer requirements. (传统的项目管理强调对项目进行详细的前期规划,强调确定范围、成本和进度,并管理这些参数。然而,Scrum鼓励基于数据的、迭代的决策,其中主要关注的是交付满足客户需求的产品。)


Scrum has not been immune to controversy, and its history of invention is a topic of frequent debate. Some professionals believe that Jeff Sutherland, John Scumniotales, and Jeff McKenna invented Scrum in 1993. And then there are others who vouch for Hirotaka Takeuchi and Ikujiro Nonaka as inventing Scrum in 1986. (Scrum并没有不受争议,它的发明历史是一个经常争论的话题。一些专业人士认为Jeff Sutherland、John Scumniotales和Jeff McKenna于1993年发明了Scrum。还有其他一些人也许相信, 在1986年Hirotaka Takeuchi和Ikujiro Nonaka发明了Scrum。)


Less known than the process of Scrum and probably under-highlighted, but therefore not less important, are the 5 core Scrum Values upon which the framework is based: Commitment – Focus – Openness – Respect – Courage. These values relate to the ethics of Scrum, thereby -from a social point of view- turning Scrum into a value system. (与scrum的过程相比,人们对scrum知之甚少,而且可能低估了这一点,但同样重要的是,该框架所基于的5个核心scrum价值观:承诺——关注——开放——尊重——勇气。这些价值观与Scrum的伦理有关,因此从社会的角度来看,将Scrum转变为一个价值体系。)


When talking about Agile, we often talk about ''Agile'' and ''Scrum,'' but, how exactly are related, and how are they different? We take a look of this issue in this Article. (在谈到敏捷时, 我们经常谈论 "敏捷" 和 "scrum", 但是, 它们到底有什么关系, 它们有什么不同?我们在本文中介绍了这一问题。)