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Is there a Best Approach for Software Development?

Is there a Best Approach for Software Development? Curtis Tsang   August 4, 2016   0 Comments “工欲善其事, 必先利其器” 《論語.魏靈公》 “To do a good job, an artisan needs the best tools” 《Confucian Analects》 Software approach is the practice of using selected process techniques to improve the quality of a software development effort resulting fewer defects and, therefore, [...]

Lean Agile Approach in Action

Lean Agile Approach in Action Curtis Tsang   August 4, 2016   1 Comment Student Portal Example A community college want to develop a student portal for providing online services for the students. They invited a student representative, staff from department and the members of the portal administrator to form a team to participate in the student [...]

How to Estimate User Story Using Automated Affinity Table

Story Estimation and Eliminating Spike Story Points or Days, or Both? People often argue whether to use story points or story hours (or days) in story estimation. Some people believe that we don't need to calculate story points and team velocity at all. Well, different teams may have different opinions, but nevertheless, most of the [...]

Resources, References and Articles for User Story Mapping

Resources, Books and Articles for User Story Mapping Start From Here: Book from the Author:    Jeff Patton & Associates - Story Mapping is a better way to work with Agile User Stories User Story Mapping Articles: Creating an Agile Road Map Using Story Mapping,  by Andrea Gigante, Published on 28 August 2013 Story Mapping, Visual Way of Building Product [...]

How to Structure Product Backlog into a User Story Map

How to Structure Product Backlog into a User Story Map To facilitate agile development, Story Map can receive user features identified from different sources. As mentioned above, it could be the requirements derived from EA contracts, work packages from project management initiatives or ad-hoc analysis such as-is and to-be analysis, use cases in a use [...]

What is User Story Mapping?

Structure Your Product Backlog into User Story Map Requirements always change as teams and customers learn more about the system as the project progresses. It’s not exactly realistic to expect project teams to work off a static requirements list and then deliver functional software months later. There has to be a better way—a more Agile [...]

Developing user story scenario

Developing user story scenario A user story scenario specifies the interaction between the end user and the system in completing the goal represented by the user story. The interation is written in the form of steps, which involves the actions user has to perform and the response given by the system. This page will introduce the [...]

Adding Acceptance Criteria to User Story

Writing Confirmation Items for User Story Compatible Visual Paradigm Edition(s): Enterprise, Professional, Standard, Modeler User stories have three critical components often called 3Cs (card, conversation and confirmation). User stories are written on cards. The card does not contain all the information. It is a reminder of what the story is for requirement discovery process. The requirement [...]

What is a User Story?

User Story It is one of the most important tool for agile development. They are often used for identifying the features of a system under developed. User stories are well compatible with the other agile software development techniques and methods, such as scrum and extreme programming. What is a User Story? A user story is [...]

What is Sprint Task Board

Sprint Sprint is an important concept in scrum (agile development process). A sprint is a set period of time which specific user stories have to be completed and confirmed. A Scrum approach ensures a constant and frequent delivery of executable software features throughout a project in software development. What is a Sprint Task Board? A [...]