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Temporary analysis diagram (Impact Analysis)

Diagrams and model elements are inter-related in Visual Paradigm project. Making changes to a diagram or model element may impact other’s work. Perform impact analysis before you make any changes to the diagrams or model elements in the core model can greatly reduce the risk of impacting other’s work. Identifying the potential consequences of a [...]

Automatic highlight related connectors

Each diagram contains a good number of shapes, thus each shape has connectors connecting to other shapes. Sometimes it is difficult to find out the relationships between the shapes. Starting from version 13.2 (To be released in August 2016), when you select the shape, all related connectors will be highlighted automatically. Of course, you can turn [...]

Improved OSX (macOS) application installation

Visual Paradigm is a cross platform Unified Modeling Language (UML), Business Process Modeling and Notation (BPMN), Database Design and Agile Development Tool. Visual Paradigm can run on Windows OSX (macOS) Linux In version 13.2, the macOS installation is improved by just drag and drop. Please watch below video for more detail.

Agile Method = no need design?

Some people think that “Agile development = no need to design”. This is not true. It is just that Agile development NEED NOT to design too early. Agile is similar to lean process in that they both promote doing things just-in-time. User Story User Story is one of the most frequently used tools in Agile [...]

User Stories management – Kanban board

Kanban board provides a visual way for software development team to oversee the progress of the development. With Scrum Agile Development Method, we use Sprint to manage user stories that need to be delivered within a certain time frame. Kanban board in Sprint lets the whole team view the progress of user stories in process [...]

New Plugin installation approach

The number of Visual Paradigm users developing custom plugin has increased. Mainly to automate tedious tasks to improve efficiency. Visual Paradigm plugin's API allows you to access all the diagrams and model elements inside a Visual Paradigm project. In version 13.2 (release on 2016 August), there are two major improvements made to the Visual Paradigm [...]

5 minutes quick introduction to UeXceler

Following video shows how to use Visual Paradigm in Agile Project. From Requirements to User Experience Design. The videos cover following topic Requirements capturing with Use Case Capture business workflow using Business Process Diagram Identify user stories from business process diagram Manage development with Sprint User Experience design with Wireframe