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Story points are metrics used in agile project management and development to estimate the difficulty of implementing a given user story, which may be related to the complexity, risk and effort involved. (故事点是敏捷项目管理和开发中使用的度量标准,用于估计实现给定用户故事的难度,困难可能与所涉及的复杂性,风险和努力有关。)


Agile teams use collective estimation methods to estimate their workload. Group estimation usually uses planning poker as a tool, and teams perform group estimation by playing estimation games. Planning poker is considered to be the most effective and interesting technique for workload estimation in agility. (敏捷团队的估计工作量使用了集体估算方法。集体估算通常使用规划扑克作为工具,团队通过玩估计游戏进行集体估算。规划扑克被认为是在敏捷中进行工作负荷估算的最有效和最有趣的技术。)

S​​crum: 谁创建 Product Backlog项目或用户故事?

The Product Owner (PO) “owns” the product backlog on behalf of the stakeholders, and is primarily responsible for creating it. He or she may instruct the development team and/or the Scrum Master to help him/her in defining the backlog items and in estimating them. (产品所有者(PO)代表利益相关者“拥有”产品积压工作,并主要负责创建积压工作。他或她可以指示开发团队和/或Scrum主控来帮助他/她定义积压项和估计它们。)

如何使用Scrum Board进行敏捷开发?

Scrum boards (also known as scrum task boards) are tools that help teams visualize backlogs of sprint work items. The board can use many manual (whiteboard and sticker) and virtual forms (software tools), but it can perform the same function regardless of appearance. (Scrum 板 (也称为 scrum 任务板) 是一种工具, 可帮助团队使冲刺积压工作项可见。该板可以采用许多手动 (即白板和贴纸) 和虚拟表单 (即软件工具), 但无论外观如何, 它都能执行相同的功能。)


The product vision is not part of the Scrum process. Why is it so important? Schwaber believes that vision is two necessary illusions, starting the Scrum project by stating: "The smallest plan starts the vision of the necessary Scrum project composition and product backlog" (产品愿景不是Scrum流程的一部分,为什么它如此重要?Schwaber的认为,愿景是两个必需的一个假象,开始Scrum项目,通过陈述道:“ 最小的计划开始了必要的Scrum项目组成的愿景和产品Backlog ”)

Scrum: 什么是产品Backlog中的DEEP?

Product Backlog projects have described attributes (D appropriate details), Story points (E stimated), order (P rioritized), and they are constantly added, deleted and updated (E merged) in the backlog to reflect the backlog of teams in a timely and appropriate manner. (产品Backlog项目具有描述的属性(D适当的详细说明),Story points(E stimated),order(P rioritized),并且它们在积压中不断被添加,删除和更新(E合并)以反映到对以及时和恰当的方式积压团队的积压。)


SMART is a set of standards for creating goals such as Sprint goals. While INVEST reminds you of the characteristics of high-quality product backlog (PBI) (or user stories) typically written in user story format. (SMART是一套创建目标(如Sprint目标)的标准。虽然invest会提醒您高质量产品积压工作(PBI)(或用户案例)的特征,通常以用户案例格式编写。)

Sprint Increment (冲刺增量) vs Potential Shippable Product (潜在可发货产品) vs MVP vs MMP

Scrum requires the team to build an incremental function in each sprint, and the increment must be deliverable, because the product owner may decide to release it at the end of the sprint. This article explains and clarify the related key concepts of: sprint increment, potential shippable product MVP and MMP. (Scrum要求团队在每个sprint中构建一个增量的功能,并且增量必须是可以发送的,因为产品负责人可能决定在sprint结束时发布它。 This article explains and clarify the related key concepts of: sprint increment, potential shippable product mvp and mmp。)

什么As / I want / so that 用户故事模板?

The most common technology is the role-feature-reason template, which is used by teams and product owners to start writing user stories in three parts: (1) As a (role); (2) I want (feature); So that (reason). (最常见的技术是角色 - 特征 - 理由模板,用于团队和产品所有者开始编写用户故事,分为三个部分:(1)作为 As a(角色); (2)I What 我想要(特征); So that(理由)。)


Burndown chart is a graphical representation of the remaining work and time. It is usually used in agile software development methods, such as Scrum. However, burning charts can be applied to any project that contains measurable progress over a period of time. (Burndown chart 是剩余工作与时间的图形表示。它通常用于敏捷软件开发方法,如Scrum。但是,刻录图表可以应用于任何包含一段时间内可衡量进展的项目。)