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敏捷开发: 计划扑克是什么?

Whatever the size of the team, they need to define, estimate and assign work across the team. Planning poker (also known as Scrum poker) is a consensus-based game technique for estimation, which is mainly used to estimate the workload or relative size of development objectives in software development. (无论团队规模如何,他们都需要在整个团队中定义,估算和分配工作。规划扑克(也称为Scrum扑克)是一种基于共识的游戏化技术,用于估算,主要用于估计软件开发中的开发目标的工作量或相对大小。)

Scrum: 把事件时间盒是什么意思?

Time boxes allocate a fixed maximum unit of time for activities. That unit of time is called a time frame. The goal of time frames is to define and limit the amount of time dedicated to activities. Time frames are a common feature of many project management approaches, because they focus the team on the task at hand by providing a clear definition of completion. (时间盒为活动分配固定的最大时间单位。那个时间单位称为时间框。时间框的目标是定义和限制专用于活动的时间量。时间框是许多项目管理方法的共同特征,因为时间框通过提供明确的完成定义,使团队专注于完成手头的任务。)

Scrum: 什么是持续 集成 / 交付 / 部署?

“Continuous Integration”, “Continuous Delivery” and “Continuous Deployment”, are referred as an integral part of agile development. These approaches shares the same prefix ‘Continuous’, which suggests and allows integrating the increment (shippable software) as well as to deploy the outcome concurrently without the delay involved in traditional sequential development. (“持续集成”、“持续交付”和“持续部署”是敏捷开发不可或缺的一部分。这些方法共享相同的前缀“continuous”,这表明并允许集成增量(可交付软件)以及在不延迟传统顺序开发的情况下并行部署结果。)

Scrum: 产品Backlog改进是什么?

Product Backlog refinement is the act of adding detail, estimates and order to items in the Product Backlog. Ongoing Product Backlog Refinement is needed within each Sprint to refine items to be ready for future Sprints. When the backlog items are refined to the suitable level of granularity, they fit to be implemented within one Sprint. (产品积压优化是向产品积压中的项目添加细节、估计和顺序的操作。在每个sprint中,需要不断改进产品待办事项列表,以便为将来的sprint做好准备。当积压工作项被细化到合适的粒度级别时,它们适合在一个sprint中实现。)

Scrum: Sprint Retropective 会议是什么?

The Sprint Retrospective occurs after the Sprint Review and prior to the next Sprint Planning. This is at most a three-hour meeting for one-month Sprints. The retrospective session is basically an “improvement” meeting held to find ways and means to identify potential pitfalls, past mistakes, and seek out new ways to avoid those mistakes. (sprint审查发生在sprint回顾之后和下一个sprint计划之前。这最多是一个月Sprint的三小时会议。回顾旨在找出找出潜在的陷阱、过去的错误,并寻求避免这些错误的新方法。)

Scrum: Sprint评论是什么?

Sprint审查 (Sprint Review) 是一次非正式会议,开发团队,Scrum主管,产品负责人和利益相关者将参加。该团队对产品进行了演示,并将确定完成的内容和未完成的内容。Sprint Review会议的目的是让团队向客户和利益相关者展示他们在sprint上完成的工作,并将其与sprint开始时的承诺进行比较。(Sprint Review会议的目的是让团队向客户和利益相关者展示他们在sprint上完成的工作,并将其与sprint开始时的承诺进行比较。)


The sprint planning meeting is held before the start of the sprint. The purpose of this meeting is to determine the sprint plan and set the sprint goals. The Sprint plan includes agreeing on the number of backlogs in the sprint, which is the responsibility of the development team, as well as defining goals for the current sprint and sprint backlog. (冲刺计划会议在冲刺开始之前进行。此次会议的目的是确定sprint计划并设置sprint目标。Sprint计划包括商定sprint中积压项目的数量,这是开发团队的责任,也是为当前sprint和sprint backlog定义目标。)


The goal of the release plan is when to deliver a variety of available functions or products to customers so that the Scrum team can outline the release and delivery plans for the products being developed. Through long-term planning, the team can meet the expectations of product owners and related project sponsors. (发布计划的目标是何时将各种可用的功能或产品交付给客户,以使Scrum团队能够概述正在开发的产品的发布和交付计划。通过长期计划,团队可以满足产品负责人和相关项目发起人的期望。)

Scrum: 为什么Sprint长度是固定?

Scrum advocates the use of fixed-length sprints. The length of the sprint can be adapted to the balance between the need for quick release and the need to allow enough time to complete a useful amount of work in each sprint. Once the appropriate length is found, it usually remains unchanged. (Scrum主张使用固定长度的冲刺。冲刺的长度可以适应于快速释放的需要和允许足够的时间在每个冲刺中完成有用量的工作之间的平衡。一旦找到合适的长度,它通常保持不变,)

每日Scrum会议 – 快速指南

Every scrum meeting (called daily standing meeting) usually takes place at each sprint every morning for about 15 minutes. In scrum agile practices, teams usually hold meetings at 9:00 in the same place on time. (每天scrum会议(称为每日站立会议)通常每天早上在每个sprint上进行,时间大约持续15分钟。在scrum 敏捷实践中,团队通常会在9:00在同一地点按时召开会议。)