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Your product backlog items need to be structured, organized and prioritized to identify the most important things for your team. In this article, I will introduce 100-point method for product backlog refining activities. (您的待办事项需要进行结构化,组织和优先排序,以确定您的团队最重要的事情。在本文中,我将介绍100点方法为产品积压细化活动。)

完成 vs. 接受标准的定义

Completion (DoD) is defined as a list of requirements that user stories must comply with in order for the team to complete the PBI. The difference between the two is that DoD is universal to all user stories, and acceptance criteria are applicable to specific user stories. The acceptance criteria for each user story will vary according to the requirements of the user story. (完成(DoD)的定义 是用户故事必须遵守的要求列表,以便团队完成调用。这两者之间的区别在于,DoD对于所有用户故事都是通用的,而接受标准适用于特定的用户故事。每个用户故事的接受标准将根据该用户故事的要求而有所不同。)

从长远来看: Scrum Master角色是否会消失?

Scrum Masters coaches, coaches, coaches and enables their teams to develop excellent products. This can be a challenging and time-consuming task for new teams in organizations that are also novices to Scrum. Over time, the team improved. Does the Scrum Master role disappear completely and continue to zero? (Scrum Masters教练,指导,指导并使他们的团队能够开发出优秀的产品。对于同时也是Scrum新手的组织中的新团队而言,这可能是一项具有挑战性且耗时的工作。随着时间的推移,团队改善了。Scrum Master 角色是否完全消失一直持续到零?)

作为Scrum Master,您如何帮助您的产品产品拥有者?

The common goal of Scrum master and products is to create viable products through the use of Scrum best practices. The two roles overlap in some of their skill combinations. Therefore, product owners and Scrum Master should make every effort to work closely in many different areas of the project. (Scrum master和产品的所共同目标是通过使用Scrum最佳实践创建可行的产品。者两个角色在他们有一些技能组合中重叠。因此,产品负责人和Scrum Master应尽一切努力在项目的许多不同领域密切合作。)

敏捷开发: 什么是跨职能团队?

The advantages of cross-functional teams in Agile Development lie in improving cross-functional coordination, increasing product and process innovation, and shortening the development cycle of critical customer contact point feedback. (跨职能团队在敏捷开发中的优势在于改进跨职能协调,增加产品和流程创新,缩短关键客户联系点反馈的开发周期。)

什么是Scrum Master?角色和责任

Scrum master is the driver of agile development teams. Scrum is a method that allows teams to organize themselves and change quickly based on agile principles. Scrum master manages the process of information exchange. (Scrum master是敏捷开发团队的推动者。Scrum是一种方法,允许团队根据敏捷原则自我组织并快速进行更改。Scrum master管理信息交换的过程。)

Scrum: 三个角色?

The roles in Scrum are clearly defined roles and expectations help individuals accomplish their tasks effectively. In Scrum, there are three roles: product owner, development team and Scrum Master. These are called Scrum teams. (Scrum中的角色是明确定义的角色,期望可以帮助个人有效地完成任务。在Scrum中,有三个角色:产品所有者、开发团队和Scrum管理员。这些被称为Scrum团队。)

项目经理 vs Scrum Master vs 项目负责人

For new contacts with Agile, project managers and scrum protagonists may look similar or even the same. But it is important to recognize the differences between the two, the possible overlap of certain tasks, and how they complement each other in large projects. ( 对于刚接触Agile的人来说,项目经理和scrum主角可能看起来相似甚至相同。但重要的是要认识到两者之间的差异,认识到某些任务可能重叠的地方,并认识到它们在大型项目中如何相互补充。)

Scrum: 什么是猪和鸡的角色?

Roles are key in Agile: The business fable of The Chicken and the Pig explains breakfast: pigs and chickens in the Scrum process. It’s a way to differentiate between roles in the Scrum/Agile world. (角色是敏捷的关键:鸡和猪的商业寓言解释了早餐:在Scrum过程中的猪和鸡。这是一种区分Scrum/Agile世界中角色的方法。)

敏捷开发:如何成为合格的Scrum Master?

Scrum Master is considered to be a project manager in many projects, which is actually a misunderstanding. At the same time, I often see people who argue that Scrum Master is completely different from project managers. So what is Scrum Master's responsibility? What can we do to become a qualified Scrum Master? ( Scrum Master被认为是许多项目开发中的项目经理,这实际上是一种误解。与此同时,我经常看到那些主张Scrum Master和项目经理完全区别的人。那么Scrum Master的责任是什么?我们可以做些什么来成为一名合格的Scrum Master?)