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Without a good product owner, the Scrum project will not succeed. It must be decisive, not only by referring to the required responsibilities, but also by embedding the following thinking patterns: 1) To continuously protect the best interests of customers in terms of functions provided. 2) Protect the organization as a whole in terms of strategic direction and return on investment. (如果没有一个好的产品所有者,Scrum项目就不会成功,他必须具有决定性,不仅要求提到所要求的责任,而且还要嵌入以下思维模式:1) 在提供的功能方面不断保护客户的最佳利益,2) 在战略方向和投资回报率方面保护整个组织。)


Role and Responsibilities - The product owner who represents the company's ownership of the product is a member of the Scrum team. However, the product owner has no authority over other members of the team, as is the case with Scrum Master. The product owner is responsible for the long-term care of the product and the success of the product. (代表公司拥有产品的产品负责人是Scrum团队的一员。但是,产品所有者对团队中的其他成员没有权限,与Scrum Master相同。产品负责人负责长期照顾产品,并负责实现产品成功。)

Scrum团队如何运作? – 简要指南

Scrum in a Nutshell: Scrum relies on which are periods of time when software development is actually done. A Sprint usually lasts from one week to one month to complete an item from the backlog. The goal of each Sprint is to create a potential shippable product. (Scrum依赖于软件开发实际完成的时间段。冲刺通常持续一周到一个月,以完成积压的项目。每个冲刺的目标都是创建一个潜在的可交付产品。)


A product owner is the guardian of the product vision and goals, because it focuses on delivering business results and values for Scrum projects. So the question is how to be the best product owner? Based on our experience, we believe that the product owner should possess some key qualities. (产品所有者是产品远景和目标的守护者,因为它专注于为Scrum项目提供业务结果和价值。所以问题是如何成为最好的产品拥有者?根据我们的经验,我们认为产品所有者应该具备一些关键的品质。)


A self-organizing team is a team that has the autonomy to choose how best to do its work, rather than being guided by others outside the team. ( 自組織團隊是一個團隊,擁有自主選擇如何最好地完成工作,而不是由團隊外的其他人指導。)


The Scrum team shares different tasks and responsibilities related to product delivery. Every role is closely related. It is recommended that Scrum team members work together in the same place as possible. Let's look at these roles from the perspective of responsibility, authority and characteristics. (Scrum團隊分享與產品交付相關的不同任務和職責。每個角色都密切相關。建議Scrum團隊成員盡可能在同一位置一起工作。讓我們從責任,權限和特徵的角度來看看這些角色。)