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什么是组件图? (What is Component Diagram?)

(英文原文: What is Component Diagram?) UML组件图用于建模面向对象系统的物理方面,这些系统用于可视化,指定和记录基于组件的系统,也用于通过正向和反向工程构建可执行系统。组件图本质上是类图,它们关注系统的组件,这些组件通常用于对系统的静态实现视图进行建模。 […]

什么是类图? (What is Class Diagram?)

在软件工程中,统一建模语言(UML)中的类图是一种静态结构图,它通过显示系统的类,它们的属性,操作(或方法)以及对象之间的关系来描述系统的结构。 […]

14种UML图类型概述 (Overview of the 14 UML Diagram Types)

(英文原文: Overview of the 14 UML Diagram Types) 统一建模语言是一种标准化的通用建模语言,现在由对象管理组(OMG)作为事实上的行业标准进行管理。UML包括一组图形符号技术,用于为软件密集型系统创建可视化模型。 […]


建造狗屋可以由一个人完成。它涉及一个简单的过程,使用基本工具,如钉子,锤子,锯子,胶带等进行。在几个小时内,你结束了一个狗的房子,可以做任何其他人的帮助。建模工作量极少或有时不必要。 如果你想为同一个家庭建造一个房子,有可能吗?它需要详细的规划,一些草图等。当然,建造房屋最好由团队实现。它需要详细的建模,定义明确的流程和强大的工具。 高层建筑怎么样?建模无疑是任何建筑项目的关键部分! […]



What is UML?

What is UML? Unified Modeling Language  is an open standard graphical notation for system development proposed Object Management Group. The notation is based on work from Booch, Rumbaugh, Jacobson . UML is a modeling language to express and design documents, software particularly useful for oriented oriented design. The language can be used from general initial [...]

User Story is Compatible with use case?

User Story is Compatible with use case? Googling around the web, the Agile Sages considers use cases and user stories are two different things: Mike Cohn: User stories aren’t use cases Alistair Cockburn: A user story is to a use case as a gazelle is to a gazebo Extreme User stories serve the same purpose as use [...]

Identify Use Cases from Business Process

Identify Use Cases from Business Process Compatible Visual Paradigm Edition(s): Enterprise, Professional, Standard The BPMN is being increasingly used for identifying requirements for software that supports business processes. Software requirement is often found to be misaligned with business processes. Therefore, requirements elicitation based on business process models would assure the alignment between business process and [...]

What is Use Case

Use Case A use case is a tool for identifying the business goals of a system. The identification of use cases helps define system scope, ensuring that the requirements to be found will all be aligned with the business values, needs and strategy. What is a Use Case? A use case represents a high level [...]

What is Sequence Diagram

Sequence Diagram Both sequence diagrams and collaboration diagrams are kinds of interaction diagrams. Interaction diagrams address the dynamic view of a system. A sequence diagram is an interaction diagram that emphasizes the time-ordering of messages. It depicts the objects and classes involved in the scenario and the sequence of messages exchanged between the objects needed [...]

What is Deployment Diagram

Deployment Diagram A deployment diagram is a diagram that shows the configuration of run time processing nodes and the components (hardware, software & middleware on hardware) that live on them that is used to model the static deployment view of a system (topology of the hardware). A special kind of class diagram that focuses on [...]

What is Activity Diagram

Activity Diagram Activity Diagrams describe how activities are coordinated to provide a service which can be at different levels of abstraction. Typically, an event needs to be achieved by some operation, particularly where the operation is intended to achieve a number of different things that require coordination, or how the events in a single use [...]

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