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Ken Schwaber, father of Scrum: Agile is an evolution of survival of the fittest (Turing Interview)

The rapid development of software has become the key to the viability of the company, not only in the way the company operates, but also in the software that has been embedded in their products. Enterprises that do not evolve, do not apply agile methods in software and product development, will not be able to compete effectively to survive. (软件发展之迅速,已经成为了公司是否能存活的关键,这不仅关乎公司运转的方式,也关乎已经被嵌入到他们产品中的软件。那些不进化的企业,不在软件和产品开发中应用敏捷方法的企业,就无法有效竞争并存活下来。)


The main goal of Scrum rules is to optimize the development process and minimize waste of time. Scrum Master is responsible for ensuring that everyone follows Scrum project-related rules. These rules combine Scrum processes so that everyone knows how to play. (Scrum規則的主要目標是優化開發過程並最大限度地減少浪費的時間。在Scrum Master的是負責確保每個人都遵循的Scrum與項目相關的規則。這些規則將Scrum流程結合在一起,以便每個人都知道如何玩。)


All Agile Software Development Methodologies (SCRUM, Kanban, XP) contain the Agile Manifesto (Core Values) and 12 Agile Principles, which represent a set of values to guide people in an organization how to behave with each other. ( 所有敏捷軟件開發方法(SCRUM,看板,XP)都包含敏捷宣言(核心價值觀)和12個敏捷原則,它們代表了一系列價值觀,用於指導組織中的人們如何相互行事。)

Timeboxing 在 Scrum中是什么含义?

The goal of timeboxing is to define and limit the amount of time dedicated to an activity. Scrum uses timeboxing for all of the Scrum events and as a tool for concretely defining open-ended or ambiguous tasks. (时间装箱的目标是定义和限制专用于活动的时间量。scrum 将时间装箱用于所有 scrum 事件, 并用作具体定义无期限或不明确任务的工具。)

极限编程(XP)vs Scrum

Scrum is a framework for product development, which is a container where you can add other practices. XP is one of those practices that you can do within Scrum framework. This article shows you the similarities and differences between them and there are no reasons why a team need choose between Scrum and XP exclusively. (Scrum是一个产品开发框架,它是一个容器,您可以在其中添加其他实践。XP是可以在Scrum框架内完成的实践之一。本文向您展示了它们之间的相似性和差异,并且没有任何理由说明团队需在Scrum和XP之间进行选择。)

精益生产中的8种浪费 – 如何定义?

A lean organization understands customer value and focuses its key processes to continuously increase it. The ultimate goal is to provide perfect value to the customer through a perfect value creation process that has zero waste. This article shows you how to identify those wastes (精益组织了解客户价值, 并专注于其关键流程以不断提高客户价值。最终目标是通过一个零浪费的完美价值创造过程, 为客户提供完美的价值。本文向您展示了如何识别这些浪费)

最好的免费和商业敏捷工具 – 每个Scrum团队都需要

In this article you will get a list of 10 latest and efficient Agile Project Management tools that would help your team in the entire scrum development process. You need some agile toolset for enhancing the productivity of your team and help ease the pain points even if you have remote employees. (在本文中,您将获得10个最新,最有效的敏捷项目管理工具列表,这些工具可以帮助您的团队完成整个Scrum开发过程。您需要一些敏捷的工具集来提高团队的工作效率, 并帮助缓解难题, 即使您有远程员工也没关系。)


What you need to know in a nutshell — the 8 pain points we most often see in Scrum project planning and analysis. This article shows you how to using Scrum and Agile to overcome them. (你需要知道的是--scrum 项目规划和分析中我们最常看到的8个痛点。本文向您展示了如何使用 scrum 和敏捷来克服它们。)


using four simple facts (3355) to help us to understand and recap the key concepts of scrum (使用四个简单的事实(3355)来帮助我们理解和概括Scrum的关键概念)

Scrum vs 瀑布 vs 敏捷 vs 精益 vs 看板

There are a number of different approaches in the software development industry – some are new takes on old methods and others have adapted a relatively new approach. The two most commonly used methods in this field are the Agile such as, Scrum, Kanban and Lean and etc., and traditional Waterfall models such as structured methods or newer RUP. ( 软件开发行业有许多不同的方法 - 一些是旧方法的新方法,另一些方法采用了相对较新的方法。该领域中最常用的两种方法是敏捷,如Scrum,Kanban和Lean等,以及传统的瀑布模型,如结构化方法或更新的RUP。大多数遵循这两种模式的软件公司都认为他们选择的方法在方面是优越的,所以在我们回答这个问题之前,“哪一个更成功?我们应该看看它们的主要区别。)


Transparency is vital to the Scrum process, as it allows everyone to see and understand what is really happening in each sprint, achieving a bigger and better communication and trust on the team and in this methodology. This Article shows you how to do it. ( 透明性对于Scrum过程至关重要,因为它允许每个人看到和理解每个Sprint中实际发生的事情,从而在团队和这种方法中实现更大、更好的沟通和信任。这篇文章向您展示了如何做到这一点。)

Scrum: 经验过程控制vs定义过程控制

In empirical process control, you expect the unexpected. With defined process control, every piece of work is understood. In Scrum, an empirical process is implemented where progress is based on observation and experimentation instead of detailed, upfront planning and defined processes. (在经验过程控制中,你期待着意想不到的结果。通过定义的过程控制,可以理解每一件工作。在Scrum中,实现了一个经验过程,其中进度是基于观察和实验,而不是详细的预先规划和定义的过程。)

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