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Resources, Books and Articles for User Story Mapping

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Book from the Author:    Jeff Patton & Associates –

Story Mapping is a better way to work with Agile User Stories

User Story Mapping by Jeff Patton Book Cover

User Story Mapping Articles:

  1. Creating an Agile Road Map Using Story Mapping,  by Andrea Gigante, Published on 28 August 2013
  2. Story Mapping, Visual Way of Building Product Backlog, by Sunit Parekh, Published on 12 JAN 2015

  3. How to create a User Story Map, Published on 12 JAN 2015

  4. Story Telling with Story Mapping, by , Published on July 26, 2015

  5. User Story Mapping: our choice as feature listing method


Slides and Presentation

  1. Building Better products Using User Story Mapping, by Naresh Jain, Published on
  2. Story Mapping – Discover the Whole Story, Published on
  3. User Story Mapping in Practice, Steve Rogalsky, Published on
  4. AgileCamp Silicon Valley 2015: User Story Mapping, by , Published on
  5. Story Mapping Through Exercises, by Todd Charron & Mark Levison,  Published on 30 April, 13


  1. Story Mapping – Don’t Lose The Big Picture, youtube, by comSysto GmbH