TOGAF from Concepts to Deliverable

Step-by-step Guide-Through Process For TOGAF – From Concepts to Deliverables

Learn visually, navigate and develop deliverables for each development Phases. Using the standard TOGAF® ADM diagram to traverse and get your enterprise architect growing in EA intuitively without going back and fourth with stacks of documentation and standard references. TOGAF® ADM is the process to developing an enterprise architecture, while Visual Paradigm features a process navigator that guides you through the execution and completion of TOGAF® ADM. Broadly speaking, Visual Paradigm features/facilitates the following:

  1. An ADM process navigator that guides you through the development of enterprise architecture with TOGAF® ADM, activity by activity, step by step
  2. Guide you through the creation of deliverables and artifacts, with clear instructions
  3. Generate deliverables upon the completion of a ADM phase
  4. Automatic archiving of deliverables in an Architecture Repository
  5. Helps you understand TOGAF® by providing you with samples
  6. Provides the tools and diagrams you need in analysis and documentation, which includes ArchiMate 3.0 diagrams, ArchiMate 3.0 viewpoints, Implementation Plan Diagram, Migration Roadmap, Maturity Analysis, PERT Chart, RACI Chart, Implementation Factor Assessment & Deduction Matrix, Consolidated Gaps, Solutions, & Dependencies Matrix, etc.

TOGAF ADM Navigator in Action [Watch A Demo]

Demonstration of the TOGAF Preliminary Phase – Incremental development of Deliverable from concepts and analysis

          – Organizational Model for Enterprise in only 7.5 Mins

TOGAF<sup>®</sup> ADM Process Navigator