Deal with Enterprise Complexity with Visual Paradigm Just-in-Time Process

One-size-fits-all solution is not always applicable for nowadays complex and fast changing world. Process like Rational unified process (RUP) is considered to be heavy weight and lack agility to deal with dynamic situations and thus, not suitable for agile team development. The upfront requirements elicitation doesn’t anticipate changes and might result in a lot wastes in time, effort and cost in the initial development stage.

Visual Paradigm’s Just-in-Time (JIT) process composer allows developers to define and configure process in just-in-time and just-in-enough manner to cope with the fast changing business environment, minimizing wastes for the entire process. You can customize a process like PMBOK®, PRINCE2® or even invent your own process for your enterprise in an agile way.

Visual Paradigm provides you with a huge collection of templates and forms, with inline instructions and samples for you to create custom processes that fit your specific needs. Besides, there are some out-of-the box Work Items for you to add into your processes. These Work Items ranging from basic analysis and summary table, to a series of steps to create meaningful study on various aspects for enterprise architecture, project management, or ITSM activities such as meeting templates, review logs and etc.

Ready-to-use Just-in-Time Templates

In Visual Paradigm 14.1, a set of ready-to-use JIT process templates are included for project management and enterprise architecture. For project management templates, there are 4 different levels of complexity for different types of projects to adopt with. In addition, a PMBOK®-like project management process template together with the forms and instructions are also provided. In terms of enterprise architecture, a TOGAF® ADM project template is incorporated with ArchiMate for the diagram models in the deliverables. You can adopt these templates straight way, or customize the process a bit by adding your own forms and etc. to fit your specific project needs.

Just-In-time Process Composer

Just-in-Time process composer allows you to design a wide variety of development and management processes, such as, TOGAF® ADM, PMBOK®, PRINCE2 and many more. In addition, you can use it to model many different aspects of process activities ranging from event and task management (member view, project view, or deliverable view), to product development or agile process management by configuring the column headers as phases, members, projects, deliverables and etc. For instance, you can present process like PMBOK by having development phases as columns and knowledge areas as rows.

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