Temporary analysis diagram (Impact Analysis)

Diagrams and model elements are inter-related in Visual Paradigm project. Making changes to a diagram or model element may impact other’s work. Perform impact analysis before you make any changes to the diagrams or model elements in the core model can greatly reduce the risk of impacting other’s work.

Identifying the potential consequences of a change, or estimating what needs to be modified to accomplish a change – By “by Bohner and Arnold”

Analysis Diagram is a visual impact analysis tool for analyzing diagrams and model elements in Visual Paradigm. Analysis Diagram is proven an effect tool to reduce the risk of making big impact to project. In version 13.2 (To be released in August 2016), Visual Paradigm introduces a temporary analysis diagram to avoid storing too many analysis diagrams in the project.

Starting from version 13.2, all Analysis Diagrams created will become temporary diagram. Temporary diagram means the diagram will only be kept in memory and will not be saved to the project file. Don’t worry, you can click the button “Make Persistable Now” on top of the diagram to save the diagram into a project file.

Sneak preview of the Temporary Analysis Diagram.